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About Us
Photogra is a leading provider of digital imaging solutions to the event photography industry.

As a Microsoft Registered partner we are currently developing packaged resalable software applications for the Photography community. These applications are designed specifically for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and windows 7. You can learn more about these products down below or (click here). You can always contact us for support via our WEB Form.

The company's professional services enable its partners to extend their operations easily and cost-effectively to the Internet allowing them to realize additional revenue and marketing opportunities. Consumers not only enjoy the freedom of being able to view and order their professionally captured picture from home, but are also introduced to Photogra's online photo service-the easiest way to start doing more with your photos online!
Some Facts about Photogra, Inc.
  • October, 1999: Photogra's consumer photo sharing website began receiving members.
  • July, 2001: Photogra entered the professional photography space concentrating on the niche market surrounding theme parks and high traffic amusement attractions.
  • August, 2001: Photogra's Photo Publisher is unveiled allowing professional photographers the ability to upload and publish photos to the internet.
  • October, 2002: Photogra began offering direct event photography service, and currently provides services at high attendance charity events, professional sports arenas, parades, schools, youth sports leagues and summer camps.
  • August, 2003: Photogra releases private labeling division, allowing for highly customized web solutions for customers in need of photography functionality, while maintaining their own brand identity.
  • May, 2004: Photo-Match introduced at locations, which allows photographers to match photos and print tickets to guests in large volume locations.
  • April, 2006: Photogra completes development of Photo-Burner. This product has enabled professional photographers the ability to quickly and easily create CDs for their guests.
  • March, 2007: Enhanced professional web services are created. These services allow for the sale of web credits by professional photographers at the time of service, that can be redeemed at a later point on Photogra.
  • June, 2007: catch-emailTS is released, providing professional photographers with the ability to log guest's email addresses on site, so that they can receive their photo at a later point.
  • September, 2007: dropoutGS is released. dropoutGS is a Professional Green Screen Removal and Multi-Background tool kit.
  • September, 2009: Xpress is released. Xpress in partnership with, provides professional photographers services for ordering prints and other services offered from
To learn more about the many services that Photogra offers: click here

Photogra's senior management team is comprised of a healthy balance of entrepreneurial innovation and extensive high-tech experience. Our dedication to our partners, our service and support, has earned us a reputation that is highly respected throughout the event photography industry.
Michael Barlow - Founder, CEO
Mr. Barlow is a seasoned Internet executive with a proven track record for developing, managing and monetizing high-traffic Internet destinations. Previous successes include that was sold to the FranklinCovey Company in 1999, and which he sold to The Rare Medium Group also in 1999. In 1989, Mr. Barlow acquired and became president of a consumer products manufacturing corporation where he was responsible for managing the operations, and growing the company to more than 600 employees, with a customer base in multiple countries and annual sales exceeding $35 million.
Adam Donner - Founder, VP Operations
Mr. Donner has over 10 years of direct technical and programming experience in the web based photo sharing space. Mr. Donner is the co-founder of where he serves as Vice President of Operations. Mr. Donner manages the Photogra website code base and is responsible for the day to day operations of the web service as a whole. In addition to these responsibilities, Mr .Donner has served as the lead technical advisor for many internet projects including the Xpress and photo sharing sites. As a result of Mr. Donner's expertise, Photogra, Inc. is able to manage the web photo services of over 100 properties nationwide, thus providing for brand extension through a high level of customization. Mr. Donner has successfully developed and implemented architecture that allows companies to provide their end users photo sharing services while maintaining the company's brand identity. Additionally, he currently serves as President and lead technical advisor for REGARDS.COM, a digital greeting card website. Previously, he worked with the web development company, Rare Medium Group, within the Rare Ventures division, responsible for the development and management of several of the company's high traffic Internet websites.
Douglas Cohn - VP Engineering
Mr. Cohn is our technological glue, keeping our technological infrastructure humming. He has been with Photogra since 2001. His business career started in the highly competitive New York Garment Center where he took over management and ultimately ownership of Amelia Stitching Corp. There he designed and implemented one of that industry's first PC-based integrated BOMP manufacturing packages. He later in 1991 formed DAC Computer Services to build workstations and servers targeting specific needs. As such, in 1996 DAC was one of the first companies to deliver a 2U rack server to the ISP's of the day, dramatically reducing data center space and power requirements. Mr. Cohn's on-going innovation and engineering skills keep our massive data center up to date and provide Photogra the ability to offer unique services to our clientele.
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